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Although I was well along in my career work, for more than two decades I contemplated, and at times procrastinated about continuing my education. Through the vicissitudes of life, my dream appeared to have died.

Until one day I had an unexpected encounter. An acquaintance of mine who had come home from being an instructor at an out of state university, suggested we get together and get caught up on each other lives. As I was sharing with her my “once upon a time dream,” She wasted no time encouraging me to dream again.

At that point I found myself being seated in front of my own personal guidance counselor (to which neither of us was aware). I must tell you God was in the details!

Today I'm seven classes down with only a few more to go. My grade point average is 3.6 (B+). Yes I said a B+!... For me this deserves a God Praise.

So if your story is like mine, you too can dream again. God is faithful (I Cor. 1:9 & I Thes. 5:24).

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